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The Guardians: Part Five: Fire in the Earth, Center, and Closing Thoughts

I felt trepidation about Black Mother the first time I called to her, and I felt more trepidation about Fire in the Earth. In hindsight, this trepidation came out of Talker/Dariar and my unconscious resistance to the kinds of transformation Fire in the Earth can cause, will likely cause. I have to admit that T […] … Continue reading…The Guardians: Part Five: Fire in the Earth, Center, and Closing Thoughts

The Guardians: Part Four: Black Mother and Heaven Shiner

My experience of Black Mother has tended to knock me down, pull me down, feel overwhelming. Calling Black Mother also triggered one of my first possessory trances, though I feel these trances have mostly been light ones. In appearance, Black Mother resembled a very attractive woman, an actress who caught my attention a while back, but Black […] … Continue reading…The Guardians: Part Four: Black Mother and Heaven Shiner

The Guardians: Part One

This post begins a series on the Guardians, and this post serves as my overly broad introduction on that topic. My knowledge of the Feri Guardians comes primarily via T. Thorn Coyle, but with some inflection from other sources. I have learned that many Feri initiates considered the Guardians initiatory knowledge, lore only to be shared […] … Continue reading…The Guardians: Part One

TTL, Dream, Guidance

I—last night was odd, but today was also strange. I felt—I feel that the Otherworlds are closer than ever before, that I am more immersed in them, but also to the near world, into Haisuith. I aligned in my new way, interiorizing it, and I’m still adapting. It feels like I’ve reached some new level, […] … Continue reading…TTL, Dream, Guidance

Counter ôl-vala, Rites, Chakra Notes, Bridging

That projection of vividly imagined—things, sights, sounds, sensations, is something everyone suggests as starting point or as kick-starter to magic. Thorn does so. So do others. I’ve found myself wondering about my disbelief and others’, and what I think happens—with worry about whether or not I’m being paid on the first, this revisits old anxieties […] … Continue reading…Counter ôl-vala, Rites, Chakra Notes, Bridging


[Several abbreviated entries precede this entry as I prepared for new job at that point in time.] I rited tonight. I’ve been fretting over having time to do so, which I feel is foolish, but it is something I want to address. I chatted about it with K while walking, resulting in a general “Don’t […] … Continue reading…Intermediary