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Hurur, Charting a Path, and Considering Silent Goddesses

Elaith—it doesn’t seem quite right—the “tower”—elaith-tir maybe? Hurur, Lies, these include the shells of identity that cling to us and which trick us into seeing them as true expressions or egos of self. Self-identification, especially reified, commodified selfhood. They come from without, imposed upon you and accepted—or they’re shells we fashion and adopt defensively or […] … Continue reading…Hurur, Charting a Path, and Considering Silent Goddesses

The Desert of the Self

Things, people, and ideas have the power over you that you give them. Halthaya, your parents, paternostery, etc. I had this elemental emotional realization while shaving yesterday, but it’s probably one most folks don’t have. I’m kind of the “parent” for MW, VU, and JW as the chimerae they are, and that parenthood, in all […] … Continue reading…The Desert of the Self