Category: to keep silent

Ôl-Vala, Adorno, Bruno

It’s a beautiful day—a breeze, sun and clouds, mild here in the shade. I find myself craning my neck high to see the boughs of Elethis. And sometimes the Otherworlds are close, and I can feel them and the—“Otherworldly power,” the closeness, the sense of my and the potentiality in the Otherworlds, the beliefs and […] … Continue reading…Ôl-Vala, Adorno, Bruno

Elethis, Call, Silence

It’s rainy today. I’m having a hard time unwinding at home, med’n before bed, and I feel I’m resisting it before bed. It’s actually easier in the morning, though wondering about work today had me feeling distracted. I think, feel, I should address Elethis more often than I do—that Elethis’s presence represents something more immediate […] … Continue reading…Elethis, Call, Silence

Nature, Softening, Gods

The Otherworlds feel close today, and Elethis clearer and closer, the woods at hand. Last night I mostly chilled. —Nature and the Otherworlds are highly related, and in part, this stems from the Gaia-spirit of life on this world, though the stars and greater universe still have their life processes and dreams. The life of […] … Continue reading…Nature, Softening, Gods