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[NB: Fortune, Otherworlds, The Dead]

“this great idea fructifies within him so vigorously that he is compelled to colonise mentally, as a vigorous nation colonises physically.” –Dion Fortune, The Training and Work of an Initiate (28, emphasis mine) Empire, colonial Otherworlds, and self-possession, I guess. Occasionally I try to come at Fortune again, but there’s something rather–well, English about her. I wonder […] … Continue reading…[NB: Fortune, Otherworlds, The Dead]

[NB] Worlding Self

[This post draws on notions I get at in terms of aesthetics, worlding, and etc. via Heidegger, Adorno, and Berque.] While engaging in some reductionist and sexist ponderings about tantra, Kenneth Grant offers the notion of tantra (& trance) as getting the object of consciousness (ego) to diffuse itself into the field of consciousness. In a sense, […] … Continue reading…[NB] Worlding Self

Body, Fetch, Talker, God Soul, and: Part 6: God Soul and Other Names

I suspect that transcendentalist thought has done much to obscure God Soul, Sacred Dove, “higher self,” what I call Elaith, and so forth—and I suspect that the reality is that the path to apprehending God Soul has as many steps or layers as you need/want/expect. I think we also tend to render God Soul as […] … Continue reading…Body, Fetch, Talker, God Soul, and: Part 6: God Soul and Other Names