Category: Angus

Dream & Persistence

It’s night again, early as the year winds down, and I dreamt of new versions of Hardûun: mazes as I tried to avoid killer, demon-possessed robots, but I even went into the maze because I felt I had to. More, I was in space, so there was a nominal dream vacuum outside. But it became […] … Continue reading…Dream & Persistence

Tall Bright Shapes

It’s Samhain, and I feel a little antsy. I want to have more of a notion what I want to do tonight. Communion with the Otherworlds, for one, but I also want to re-dedicate, if not dedicate myself, to the Path, to bridging, to the relationship I have with the Morrigan and Angus, and to […] … Continue reading…Tall Bright Shapes

TOPY, Sex, Entertainment

The Otherworlds are still close for me, and I think I want to include Elethis in my pantheon. I moved Angus to the God/secondary position, mostly because, well, why haven’t I? When cycling elthil or working with the Presence, feel the sticky body, feel the aura—don’t just “see” the aura and the cycling. I ventured […] … Continue reading…TOPY, Sex, Entertainment