Perception & Otherworlds

Sleight of mind is also very important for seeing and working with Chaos—this is why theatricality is important. Parting the Veil, but sometimes it’s not that easy, and I feel like there’s a way to trip over across a threshold into it—or elsewhere. Part of it is familiarity, knowing and recognizing and reproducing the states of mind/spirit you slide into.

But Chaos is where Dana and the WTAW dwell and exist (but so do we all). The media, the wall that the shadow falls upon, the shadow—the media and wall is Chaos, the shadow is the Wyrd, the WTAW, the experiences that form.

Each direction, each WTAW suggests a different Chaos aspect. ShF and Dana suggest the Summerlands—but also fires—while BM/North shows me buildings and interiors from my dreams, caverns and dungeons.

The sword allows me to immerse myself into these worlds, but the experience is vague and transient yet. Practice can help—immersing myself in those thresholds and ideo-realms on the shores of Chaos

—it’s akin to those movies that suggest some other/further reality (beyond maya, perhaps) by having chimes sound while overlaying/superimposing reflective curtains over a mundane scene. Or what Lynch did on occasion in Twin Peaks with superimposing (even the curtains and strobes from the Black Lodge suggest the same liminal Chaos spaces).

Lucid dreaming and similar visionary work can help ground yourself in such worlds. These are a kind of “faerie worlds,” but I’m still seeing/knowing the edges here. Still learning how to see and talk about these things.

But the sword helps immerse and project into such worlds—it’s a prop to propel and perform (enact) your way into those places. Even above me, some place inspired by starlight and constellations. But meditation also helps—these are places maybe more easily relaxed into than forced.

[And that’s the end of Antic Delights.]

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