The Otherworlds and Here

From “Vignettes on Death, Gods, and Bridges“:

The tone had been instantly set for my Work in this new place, and the very first action I took even before signing the least was to make offerings at the bases of both bridges. I thanked the bridges for their presence and their function, I made prayers and offerings to those who were sacrificed in the construction of the bridge, and to those who had taken their lives by jumping. I also made prayers and offerings for those who currently lived under the bridges, those who we tend to label as ‘homeless’ and ‘mentally ill’ and ‘addicts.’

Alley Valkyrie at The Wild Hunt

Since I discovered Alley, I’ve respected her in more ways than one. In this piece, she looks at the roles and spirits of bridges and the place we make for the Otherworlds and other people in our lives.

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