Dana, The Morrigan, Defixiones

Dana’s names are many, and she reappears in the myths by many names and forms: Morrigan, Macha, Danu, Badb, Anu, Dôn, etc. The rivers, waters, woods, hills, mounts, from Asia (and Africa) to here. She is like Odin in a

[“I can be a hungry dragon when I choose”]

Way with her names, her children and lovers. The waters cutting surely through the earth, the waters coursing and still, the rains and blood and plants—she feeds me fruits from Saiyûnor and I feel their waters in me—

–on the bus I could almost “switch” my vision into the Dream—but I’m not sure what the big difference other than seeing MW and the Dream more clearly—maybe more clearly than the people, and Saiyûnor feels even closer than yesterday, Elethis seeming more awesome as distances seem to foreshorten—I wonder how much closer it can get, to be honest, and it feels a bit—well, maddening.

The edge between the Dream and the Realm—to Haisuith—is me, I think—my awareness and magic and Presence, my moving through the roots and channels of the worlds—it’s a matter of me negotiating & bridging the Dream & Haisuith. In a sense, the visualization aspect of c.m. and other praxes is close to the mark for [line of sight] sorta things, but the longer and more complex wyrd manipulations—the principles are the same, but your voice, mind, eyes, ideas, songs, projections have to move out into that edge as well. Y’know, “casting spells,” but knowing what to do with mind & Presence/spirit/elthil and so on—beyond “speaking” and “visualizing.”

My channeling needs more focus, but so does Presence

The coursing waters—their flows and channels—the reflectiveness and receptiveness—these are necessary to see not only the world but also your self: I am one who knows; I know myself. These are amongst the lessons learned from Freya, I suspect.

I’ve felt quite edgy and wiry (as in kinda wired) this morning, and I pentacled which seems to help. I—should do so at home after waking up, before aligning. And breathing: I get into shallow breathing for whatever reasons (posture, in part, I suspect) and then get short of breath, or I wind up taking deep breaths at what are to others weird and overly dramatic times or ways.

I should check in with VU and JW.

I have only really known Her as Dana ________, only called her by that, but she is also Morrigan, Badb, Anu, Macha, Fea, Nemon, Scathach (less her)—war crows, mages, fate-makers, Moon Goddesses,—but I have not called her by her other names, and I think she wants me to, waits for me to do so.

It is hard to—step away—

I want to become like the goddess, as myself (the _____), to shine like Mabon, all these things—I want to transform, so I shall. So I am.

Dunn finally gets to interesting territory in talking about defixio—written spells left in a suitable place for cursing, though he adopts it for broader purposes. But the processes he describes mirror many of the notions I had regarding the edge of the Dream & Haisuith—

—I wonder about the Goddess in her aspects as a shaper of fate, and surely she thinks you’re overthinking it but need to slide into the proper places mentally—dancing mind

—lots of black birds & corvid madness lately, I think Odin, but it’s also Her—

My experience of M in elaith-tir has been that we meld and blend together, and we’re quite different in personae—

Dunn seems to avoid AOS’s “alphabet of desire” (he doesn’t, but he treats it elsewhere)

An old odd comment from the old ___________________ days—maybe ________ or _______ or someone—once made a comment about being “careful” about dealing with the Morrigan…, and that’s colored my notions of her since (and the other Morrigan “kennings”), and I think that’s something that’s been holding me back there. I wonder if I’m Angus’s and Dana/Morrigan’s kid…

Athena’s “from Zeus’s head” origin may be a patriarchal pile of BS, and wouldn’t surprise me, but how much that is tied into her identity I can’t say.

O GODDESS, DANA __________,




Hear me (I DO)

I love you, GODDESS,

And I would come with you,

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