[Several abbreviated entries precede this entry as I prepared for new job at that point in time.] I rited tonight. I’ve been fretting over having time to do so, which I feel is foolish, but it is something I want to address. I chatted about it with K while walking, resulting in a general “Don’t overthink the situation.”

My med’n doesn’t [seem to] work [the way I expect] with drums—I’ve always been in the glade dancing with the Morrigan. Most of tonight was self-reclamation […]. However, I was reminded of Bridging again, and I’ve been in my head too much again this last week. Saiyûnor otherwise occupied my attention via [Elethis].

BM and HS leave me most staggered or affected still, and BM notes WM affects me least. Although I can rationalize via slow, gradual immersion, the reality is that I still do not know or embrace myself as I should.

I shuddered and had a lot of mild “seizures” that make me think I’m too tight, and I felt like I and the Morrigan spent a lot of time getting my [self] back aligned again.

HS asked me what I remembered.

Otherwise, some energy work and channeling [Elethis]. However, work on Presence and Bridging. M over/as the Presence and Bridge into the Otherworlds and Saiyûnor.

Also, stretching was handy for kinesthesia.

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