The Tree, High Sky, Scaling

Last night, K and [I] headed back out along the path to Elethis again, coming to the thicket wall. I passed it well enough, into a trail in the Dark Wood. Scale started shifting, and the terrain grew more blobby and indistinct, and so I went down a way again to re-orient.

Scale was indeed shifting as I came to Elethis’s environs. K suggested I was quite prepared. While on this excursion, flashes of memory of other Otherworldly events from recent days I hadn’t quite “experienced” came to me. These memories danced on the edge of my awareness, and Paxson would say I was starting to recall trance experiences while in an almost deep-enough level trance. These seemed to be experiences at [uni]—I almost want to say while zoning, but that might not be entirely true. I asked K about remembering these experiences, about being aware of them, and he noted the memory hole/lack of awareness is a function of halthaya in many ways. The best way to grow aware & lucid is to want to do so—the desire and will to awareness.

I had an impression of a similar experience while walking back from [building at new work], as I looked at the pastel clouds in the blue sky and the trees—and I realized why the glade looks the way it does—because I can appreciate these [local] woods.

We continued up the trail, and I realized we’d reached something to climb—so I began climbing and climbing, scales still shifting, until I saw we were climbing one of Elethis’s roots. Things were indistinct because Elethis was throwing my sense of scale completely off. We reached a level spot on the root and rested: I was starting to feel fatigued by this point. We paused briefly before returning, probably rushing/gliding down the steep hill far too quickly, back to the glade.

At one point, along one of the winding parts of the trail, we got off the track slightly, and a city/urban center appeared. K said we were veering off the Path, and we corrected.

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