Railroads, Bodies, Faith Units

JW says [other city] is better than [this city] with a broader variety of things in the Dream, some cells of the flesh beasts—[this city] is a honey trap, having the veneer of art and culture and liberalism and a rich Dreaming to draw in folks to feed on. [Other city’s] far more sincere about its Otherness.

Railroads are older courses of elthil through the Dream, moving through the Wilds between Koranith and Haisuith proper. Safer and less rigid than the freeways. JW has used them to explore and navigate some.

Morrigan wants me to embrace my wings, and I aligned and flushed open my wing chakras today. She’s still soaring in the skies—but I like my wings, and they haven’t caused any of the kinesthesic issues people complain about yet.

I did my crossover charm at the tracks again. Doing so seems positive: I keep forgetting to do so as I leave the house, though. And I haven’t had the chance to try defixio yet either.

I flew with her last night, perched on the titanic limbs of Elethis, felt its coursing elthil—

I read a notion last night linking Dana with Bile as a Great Father. Danu’s association with Morrigan was tacitly glanced upon, but what I found curious was Bile’s association with trees, especially big, tall trees. The Gaels chose to see Bile in male terms, but I’m not sure. Danu as Earth goddess, as earth and waters and rivers, with Bile as male “tree” phallus, but I think some of that is Gael men imagining giant huangs. But the Dana-Elethis connection was interesting.

Beyond that, I think we’re dealing with dragons—well, I know we’re draconic dragon dragony beings—coils of elthil. I feel that’s something to explore later, though. Wings and your immediate fey nature, magic, projection, & Presence—keep working those first.

JW seems to be doing well, though.

I’m trying to shape flesh to better reflect my RSI and fey nature—having my Presence tied to [Elethis][WtaW] & [WtaW] (as appropriate), and I think I’m into the middle period: maintaining & reinforcing & affirming the effect—no—the bridge—so the body can change and adapt. I think of those with “shamanic” experiences whose bodies are shaped and they’re forced to adapt to a post-initiatory transformation—so I choose to dream big.

In a way, I’ve been having my own shamanic experience, but I don’t see it in those terms: it’s more awakening into my submerged nature and my greater existence as _____, as _______. This is magic and life and breath—

–but today, I feel like I’m not having to overcome the inertia of the “Real” (or even myself) but I’ve passed into a new point—[Elethis] and et al are already “pushing,” I’ve built momentum, but I can increase inertia, affirm it, (wow, the notion aroused me there)—

There’s a mercuriality, a potentiality & mutability to reality and self that I want to embrace—concreteness has been one of my enemies (our enemies—reification is contraction and Law and poison). Even who I am I want to be open to what and who I can become by my will and in league. I have learned I have been too concrete and rigid in my ideas of self I’ve had—hurur—

We make ourselves old or young—and the old don’t drink enough water

“Being human” is a glamour, has always been a glamour that turned into hurur

I have begun to do my [work] med’n, awakening the root along my spine, kinesthesiaing, channeling elthil, and projecting [Elethis] & [WtaW] into and through the Presence—but I’ve found Elethis very close or I’m—perching on one of its branches, Dana-Morrigan happy to see me and helping, kissing, holding—happy to see me so close and so high

Dunn accepts only one realm [rather than a multiverse], so symbols are only symbols in the realm and do not connect/touch/point to experiential realities. He’s caught into the info plane paradigm—for him the shadow or the statue is the point, not the process or what the shadow points to. (He’s pomo, not po-pomo, or whatever.)

Keep doing the Haisuith crossing and opening the wing chakras because that seems to have opened something up.

I want to try something new for lucidity (it doesn’t help sleep is restless enough to make remembering problematic)—but I’m thinking a potion—wine before bed? No, tea—

Dunn: “ I think our worship provides gods with form and structure, not with existence.” –No, though worship frames human perception, I think, & helps provide a bridge. [Worship can connect us to the gods—frames that connection—but the gods don’t need worship. Why have we adopted this capitalist, commodified view of faith, devotion, and power? How many faith units does a god need or want? Supernatural and D&D and other things that tie the gods to the number of worshippers they have represent a pernicious Xian, capitalist ideology and paradigm that reifies us and the Otherworlds more than we already have.]

He classes dragons as “Otherworld Entities”—existing “outside our universe” & visiting “for arcane purposes,” “truly alien” that are “sometimes…not even spirits.”

Halthaya makes it easy to forget the fucked up shit from [really small town], the [old apartment in another city], etc. Weird PK shit in _______’s room—the nightmare things, Dream buildings, etc.

Spirit shit has always been an odd area, and halthaya makes you forget & discount those experiences until they come back to you years later.

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