Sleep, Bridging, Practice

Getting 8 hours of sleep for a couple of nights in a row shows me I’m dreaming most of the night and can remember a lot. My dream about competing for my body with another—tells me integration is still something to work on, tells me I worry over how I perform myself—

Bridging and sustaining Presence remain very big things. I want to advance, and using [Elethis], kinesthetic, and voice and—embodiment, is what I’d call it—projecting [self] into/onto my body here, bridging to the Otherworlds—I forget this practice. A lot of what I’ve been doing, had time to do, has been more trance/projection of more mundane varieties. (Not mundane—mental and spiritual—I want a fusion of Otherworld and me/this world—to live and to act here.) (And beyond. To bring the Otherworlds into myself and life and world.)

I want to develop modes of movement—I have mudra, but tai chi, etc. call attention to me—I want movement I can do anywhere. Cycling elthil and walking, purposefully, with breath, mindfulness, etc. and mudra may be good options. Lucidity requires work, diligence, awareness, and energy. I want to find ways to keep that going, and that probably means I want to set aside more time to do so and to find opportunities.

And chakras—you’ve been good about aligning, but you’ve let other energy work grow lax. The raven in your heart was all “Ahgahd, FINALLY!” last night, so work on your chakras. I know we’re adjusting & adapting to new head-space, new life, new schedules, but let’s try to keep up and also not beat ourselves up.

Yoga and tai chi—

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