Lower Worlds, The Dead, Potentiality

I’m not sure of the best ways to deal with the LW other than vigilance and focus and energy work. The nature of the draw is ambiguous, though it feels like a draw or lure, like gravity or a decline as you go down a hill. There is the entropy association—and you can try to map it as

HW Dynanism

MW Stasis

LW Entropy


[and back around to the top again]

The process is one of losing energy, of losing potentiality—the MW concretizes potentiality into actuality, but as the actual gradually loses the sustainability of its own potentiality, it falls into entropy and the LW

—this isn’t quite right—

That loss of potentiality and elthil continues that concretization

Habit, pattern, stasis, etc., but the lack of new elthil and potentiality eventually causes degradation, noise, camatoseness, and dissolution/oblivion. The potentiality slides into impotentiality—thus, memory and attention from the living are the deads’ best friends, that and elthil.

Memory and attention from the living visits intention, potentiality, choices on to the LW and revitalizes them. An influx of elthil via sacrifice (Odysseus’s blood sacrifices rouse the dead so they can speak and remember—and they crowd him for attention, as well).

So you need to be able to pass, either as the dead, or as one of the—LW Other. It’s like dealing with the Otherworlds otherwise, in that regard. Act like you belong, and do not project your fears and desires per se.

However, is this Koranith? No…I still want to explore my experience at [uni] & in [city]. There could be more—

The Morrigan haunts nearby—a great mass of black feathers like a billowing cloak. Morph has said that much of the recent oppressive violence—Ferguson, Gaza, etc.—has roused Her attention.

My institutional dreams reflect the draw of halthaya and stasis and entropy—what is the seduction. It’s easy. No mental or spiritual effort, merely entropy and habit and mûl-ôl. Hurur becomes actual.

Glamour and entropy leads to hurur—

Passages for projection, but you want the right ones

Altar cloth, and I want to clean my altar.

______, institutions, they all try to limit possibilities and potentiality—and that contracts down into entropy and the LW

The difference between relaxation and dronery.

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