Eruptions & Surfaces

“My Faerie Queen,” my “Queen Mab”—I keep trying to find names for her, but I wonder if the first one I pulled forth years and years ago is best. In a journey a few months back, I asked her what she might like as offerings. She said, pine nuts and honey. But the other night, I asked her to help me bring her closer—

“Call the trees & sky inside,” I suddenly felt her tell me.

She looked happy, again and almost always to the south-by-southeast. Her statue sits atop my altar, centrally located. Hell, I had something for her there on my first real altar back when it was just her. But it occurred to me that I should move her so she’s at least south.

I meditated lightly, then I turned towards her direction. I realized she was by the waters, the brook, the river, the Annwyn Waters—a river of souls of the dead who would pull down others—& She was Melusine, Mermaid, Sibyl—

Let me clarify: I don’t know if she’s Melusine, the Sibyl, or other folks. She is whoever she is. But she’s in that chorus, even if she’s avoided speaking to me above a whisper for most of my life.

She tells me a “story” of Her by the waters—She waited for Her love, but She found only the trees, the waters—the faces within—

And she is joined by someone else in my personal pantheon. And they both pointed up to the Sky that is the Sea, but also the Sky that is the Forest & Waters above with the animals of that celestial forest—and She has Her celestial mirror—a Queen of Heavens to Her Sibyl in the Woods—

And it occurred to me again how the Milky Way is a river, might also be the River. And it occurred to me to pull over my phone and check the stars that I was facing. And I was facing the Milky Way & Sirius & Orion as I faced towards her—

The woman by the waters—

But, yeah, I should move her statue south.

Later that night, I woke up right when the Moon in Pisces 3 trined Venus in Scorpio 3. The moon in a water sign trining with Venus in my natal decan for Venus (even as my natal moon is also a Scorpio 3 moon). I’d been dreaming of the woods, of the Sibyl-like things—

And as I tried to get back to sleep, my near Dreaming mind went to the feather—the wingéd women, those psychopomps and spirits of land and sovereignty and skies—& the scale—the Melusine, the Sirens, mermaids, the sibyls with their wells, fountains, and waters—and the raven & the wyrm settled over me.

The name I had felt months ago for what my Dream-Grimoire was, that I had started to write and try to bring into this realm–The Book of the Raven, The Book of the Wyrm–suddenly made sense to me.

And I looked at a thread on the Songs of the Sibyl that I’d ignored before that point, which led my mind unfolding into Feather & Scale.


Malphas from Dictionnaire Infernal, colored. I always dug his spade and yellow pants aesthetic here.

Malphas has been lurking, moving in the background. I’d noted him & other of the avian or corvid goetic spirits a long while back. He actually jumped out at me or other folks pointed me to him, months back—but I deferred. I was still getting my conjuration footing.

He’s been coming up again, though, to the point that I’m wondering. Crossing Sun points very pointedly to Malphas, and then others start doing so, too.

Malphas is busy, & I have a sense of his presence via mentions, stories, & more—like he’s there, just past the mirror’s surface, & I’m noticing parts of him peek out through the references—like a shark fin or a tip of a demonic corvid iceberg—

But then there’s the Siren, or the Sibyl’s apocalyptic song erupting into human experience as another apocalyptic moment comes close enough for some to hear—

But then there’s The Morrigan and Odin lurking about in polytheist and other circles working on some agenda.

But that also means there’re probably many folks there behind the mirror’s surface, close at hand to call up.

But maybe make a circle first.

But I’m thinking of calling up Malphas, too.

Featured Image: jarmoluk | Pixabay

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