Corunor, Warding Magic, the Divine Twins

The other Crows told me, the night before last, that I was in a part of the ___ (not the whole ___, which apparently sprawls across the Worlds), and it is a gathering place for the Morrigan & her Crows & others. Each triad fulfills three roles, though I suspect those roles may vary from triad to triad. I am the ______, the Seeker, where V and S are more cursings & blessings, diviners, and the like. There are settlements there—and it is called Corunor.

Last night, She told me to rest and see to my neck: treat my body well, lest I grow quiescent from distraction by pain & other matters.

I’ve been spelling for vivid recollection of dreams, which has seemed to work well. Summer, though, always seems problematic—health problems, money stress, etc.

Thorn suggests her defixio for one’s home life & situation, drafting & preparing it before doing it during ritual in red ink (though any other color other than black may be good). I started doing so, a lot of my attention focused on a partner. I think I want to look at it again, give some leeway for [others’] preferences.

—I need to protect my Wyrd from manipulation, evil eyes, or other, more problematic issues—so I need a sink for drawing those attempts against it, and a distraction otherwise.

A plant—or a plant with a talisman-amulet enchantment. Something growing, but a—Well, maybe a poppet sorta thing. Actually, the plant is a shell for a written distraction

(Lorem ipsum…with runes and fluid for sympathetic effect. Actually, that might be an idea for all of us. (Hair, use hairs.) Roll up the paper with the hairs & put it out on the porch (in the pot soil)—and take care of the plant (don’t hurt or neglect it).

The Divine Twins, Thorn points towards them as a dichotomy within us that leads to will, through dualism as a mode towards difference and repetition. Maybe that’s a way to think of myself: as Twins. They are the drive towards Harmony.

Thorn acknowledges Presence, with an emphasis on energy.

I’ve previously written that I needed healing, often—and while I still do, I feel like I’m getting it and trying to do so.

What are my faces?

Thorn notes trying to track any recurring symbols in dreams, identify and unpack them (e.g., what about aquariums?) She also advocates asking for teaching dreams from ourselves, and our gods. Identifying social and family taboos, the influence of ancestors, but—

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