Nature, Softening, Gods

The Otherworlds feel close today, and Elethis clearer and closer, the woods at hand. Last night I mostly chilled.

—Nature and the Otherworlds are highly related, and in part, this stems from the Gaia-spirit of life on this world, though the stars and greater universe still have their life processes and dreams. The life of the trees and more touch the multiverse in ways that stretch beyond our dreaming of other lives—blights become ways of worming dark cancerous realms into this one.

I’m not sure if what I feel focuses mostly on the MW or extends into the LW or HW—but the dreams of the Earth, of trees and crows and storms—but humanity’s urban development makes Koranith and its ‘scapes almost sub-realms.

Soughing is the whispers of trees, calling to each other and ourselves.

Soften the mind, [Crowess]—Soften the mind, girl—silence and reflection, let the waters below and within still—let your mind soften, as Thorn suggests, and relax—let it grow less rigid, more flexible, and open, porous—concreteness and rigidity grind only towards what they think and see/believe. Soften, relax, and grow, spread like roots through the earth, like water over surfaces and through cracks—it’s a metaphor, but it’s a compelling one for me

[This is Otherworld lore, still.]

Soften, open, flex—the Otherworlds are always very close, I suspect, but we resist immersing ourselves, opening ourselves to them, let alone ourselves—we constrict ourselves into individual islands, disconnected fragments from reality, having little other than our animal bodies and words to link to each other, rarely relaxing enough to feel connection except with our few intimates—or during the odd, occasional religious experience (or club or drug frenzy), and then we fetishize connection, link it to very specific things. [Like a drug.]

The WtaW are experiential, and so is life and the Otherworlds—but this includes halthaya, hurur, mûl-ôl—which become infectious, like memes, and WtaW you can inflict on others.

—theater, art, media can serve as rituals to spread experientialities, but art is open and porous and interactive. The purely consumptive media, mass-produced, the distractions and mere entertainments, these are mass, opt-in “rites” (more experientiality distribution) for the thought gods.

But immersion requires willingness, opening yourself

I distinguish gods from the thoughtgods—the beings like Odin and the Morrigan and so forth from the egregores & fetishes of thought. It may be a distinction between old, primal, Otherworldly forces that have evolved and had mediation between them & humanity & others—the others have grown demonic & cancerous, mediated only by reproduction in the minds of persons.

We do need shamans who can mediate with these things, but they—the [thoughtgods]—grow less like gods and more like cancers—they become gender, fathers, and the like—pervasive, internalized. Compare capitalism and that commodification of humanity [compared] to versions of it in earlier eras—the elite always have done so—the trick is they got us to think like them and to think we could become like them if we stay in the system.

Soften—silence and Presence, and the Otherworlds are right there—

Wagging my tail

Drop the stones of franticness into the deep waters and focus, no, turn to action.

Engagement is action, which is a power position of some kind

“Maintenance” reflects commitment

I still feel tense, feel wound and unwinding

I feel fear for a lot of disappointment—people changing plans, not showing up, being too tired to do anything or play or—people saying no.

—my Path is to Seek, to seek out truth and knowledge and magic and self and power and freedom to seek after words ideas experiences to seek the fire in the head and the poetry of the Worlds—I act and live as a Seeker I seek to know myself, to seek and fashion meaning & significance

“We cannot know the outcome of desire. All we can do is live it.”

Willingness to be seen, to be visible

The individual existence as “hopeless” and subordinated to “the greater good”—the tyrannies of Law but also control.

It has been a beautiful, cloudy, mild day, a day that reminds me of the ___. A day with the Otherworlds close.

Silence and stillness and Presence—these bring the Otherworlds closer—or, more accurately, I think, let us immerse ourselves in them. [Elethis] has been the key to this again—the woods grow close—visible—and I uncoil and relax and grow a bit giddy. But the secret may be silence and still Presence, a kind of seidr.

My attempts at med’n aren’t doing what I want them to do, but Silence—

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