Guardians Continued

[WTAW]Expansive of mind, self, perception, conception—consciousness, spirit, —seeing a larger world/universe

[WTAW]See Thorn’s idea of walking and fire. ShF and this wyrm are about walking in truth, especially against self-deception. This is the personal truth he represents. But he is far more the Vision Unclouded—

[WTAW] is Vision Expansive and Free and Open, but [WTAW] is about seeing clearly.

_______ pointed out that [WTAW] and [WTAW] remind him of cave painting and mandala motifs. [WTAW] also evokes the sign and shape of a lamp. And that is what the rune calls—that we must be lamps of truth, casting light and clarity into the world and most importantly ourselves. We must shine light into our darkness and confront what we find. We may not know what we see, but we must be truthful with what we do find.

The flame is akin to the flame/light that casts the shadow—it is a part in the chain of signification that is the self. It represents also discovery of self and into the world. But the path to the shadow of the goddess has a similar expression through ourselves, for the flesh is but the statue, the mind the fire, the flickering mind, and so on. ->This satisfies ShF.

Indeed, [WTAW] is one holding a cup, staring into our depths. We gaze into the depths of ourselves, and the goal is wholeness—love of self that requires and leads to love of others, for our depth stems from the love we can have for others. Our wholeness is our power. But it is also calmness. If we do not hate ourselves, calm and power and love can come.

It is easy to delude ourselves, trick ourselves into self-loathing, which is partly the lesson of [WTAW]. [WTAW] reflects the calm contemplation of self and the wholeness thereof and or offering that self to another. What it means to drink of the waters of self is unclear other than in imbibing our waters, we accept and reintegrate the self into itself. But I was perhaps the calmest I have been in a while.

I suspect I won’t like something about BM’s rune, but it must be confronted.

Anpu, meanwhile, I think is present because I will need him, if not “meet” him, at some point. My mortality in this world—and perhaps my guide/friend to whatever world will follow.

Do not underestimate the names of the Guardians—why is Water Maker known by that name. She is the wyrms that are wise of love and power and the depths, but where Star Seeker seeks insight and looks expansively and ShF shines the light of truth into self and the world, WM “makes” “water.”

The bowl is nothing without water—merely a vessel. Water is shapeless without the vessel. Somewhere in between, something composite emerges. Also, water is the medium and material of self in this rune—you are the blue flame self suspended in the waters of self. Wholeness is the eye gazing into itself and what it gazes upon. It makes itself, in this fashion. Where ShF is the light that looks into the Dark shadows of self, WM is the shadow—for the light is always limited as it tries to illumine.

Love of self is an important lesson. You wouldn’t think that possibly until you realize you hate yourself. Love of self necessarily requires wholeness and its acceptance. Thorn’s path is the one I’ve taken—Air->Fire->Water->Earth, but we begin the Sphere from North/Earth

We are a solid bit of water aswimming in waters.

Parts of ourselves need to interconnect and integrate to have context and meaning—love and beauty requires aesthetics and interrelation, comparison, metaphor, simile.

But we abhor closed systems. Self to itself and then self to other selves, and love and beauty emerge and propagate. And thus water is made.

There is a celebration of self and its complexity and beauty and weirdness and wholeness and so forth, but there’s also a protean quality and acceptance. We seek truth of self, but there is also the truth of our mutability and proteanness. We are constellations, not stars—we are oceans, not lone fish.

And so are other people.

[WTAW] Air – Fire – Water – Earth

Insight/Knowledge/Playful – Truth/Stern – Love/Calm – Passion/Wisdom (?)

These runes are the wyrms that are wise of selfhood and perception (of self). They are not active runes, but runes of vision, insight, divination, reflection. But they are still potent, but potent vs. the self.

First principles.

Star Seeker, Nirellian [WTAW], wyrms that are wise in the coiling clouds, Lord of the Risen Skies, knowledge, self, insight, expansive vision

Shining Flame, Darith, WTAW in the flickering flames, Lord of Truth, Enemy of Self-Deception, Fire Lord, [WTAW] Pride, Truth, vision unclouded

Water Maker, Mirela, WTAW in the dark deeps, Dragon of Rivers and Seas, Queen of Love and Power, [WTAW] Love, Power, wholeness, calm

Black Mother, Valamu, WTAW in the peaks, roots, and crawling world, Dragon of Mountains and Dark Wood and Caverns, Wisdom, Passion [WTAW]

work to awaken and empower and regenerate the egregore of myself, the thought-god I point to. This is soul work and magic.

WM also points to the _________ within me and that I exist within. I create/make myself.

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