Black Mother & Heaven Shiner

[WTAW]->I am ultimately a root system of memory, the interconnectedness of memory and experience. I am a nest of conflicting passions from memories, touched by millions of persons and events. I also am my choices and how they affect the lives and deaths of those around me. And vice-versa. Responsibility blame, causation.

Passion requires rootedness and connection to others. The world and we are stones and the roots that penetrate those stones.

But memory—and how others have shaped and molded me. Self is always partly a function (process from outside) (That might explain the trance/possessory aspect.)

This connectedness, though, helps insure our thoughts, potentiality, etc. can manifest and actualize.

This satisfies BM. I consecrated a stone from the park for her and the Earth.

Then, I called G., having passed his rune test. He told me to call Heaven Shiner above. So I did using the lightning. While G was less taxing this time, HS was…quite taxing. While less traumatic than my last calling of G, I need more energy work. HS is akin to G—perhaps an aspect ? — and appeared as a dragon.

Heaven Shiner

Wyrms that Are Wise in the Stars & Constellations

Lord of the Outer Realms

Astral Dragon

[WTAW]->his rune

[WTAW]->lightning, but bounded

I need more energy work—and pass HS before Fire in the Earth and Center

Astral and dream associations

The shining flame of godhead comes from up there.

There is a scent and experience to HS that I am familiar with—that sense I get when I look at Crowley or Regardie, a hint of incense, a feeling of prickly magic in the mind. He is older than the stars & he seeks what is beyond them. We see dots of light, but they are suns and worlds and lives. Potentiality unbound. Our godshead is pandimensional. But do not discount the four elemental guardians and this life: they are the lens through which we connect and perceive the eternal vastness that is ourselves.

[WTAW]->drawing down the lightning, completing the circuit to that larger pandimensional self, not so much “controlling” it (this ego now is not the ultimate interiority or subjectivity, but it is our everyday access to that larger subjectivity).

Feri works to reintegrate more than our mortal self, but also our larger essence.

One can complete that circuit briefly, like like lightning—it is too vast to connect for too long. But we can always be/come who we need to be because we already are, somewhere. And if that greater will looks into a more confined causality, there is the magic most people seek.

We cast our own shadows, are the observer, are the light and shell and what lies beyond. We are signifier and signified and TS.

The Expansive View is necessary to perceive in that way. Truth to avoid delusion of self. Wholeness to accept our totality and not flee from it. Connectedness helps ground it in here and us and to others. If you hate yourself, you can’t connect.

The thoughtform “gods” direct the connections people ordinarily have into false or hijacked connections. Rather than complete their own circuits, people empower other things. Form other things.

So it goes. One has to unite and regenerate the self to connect the self to self and not something else. Most devotional cults trick the self into turning towards something/one else.

Still, it is easy to see only the stars—this is where Fire in the Earth emerges, in part. HS points to the “higher” potentiality, the “good” side we want to imagine. FitE, though, includes those aspects of self we’re not so accepting of. But there is power there—and the warning of hubris and more. But if you don’t account for that, your magic and self has no consequences, agency, or choice/actualization/causality.

[WTAW] is about channeling that totality and potentiality long enough to be whole enough to do and be what you need.

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