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I was put on the path to walk to Corunor last night, though I fell asleep before quite getting there. The Morrigan grabbed me, drug me to a path, from which K led me. We came to a narrow, cracked stone ascent/trail…

[rough sketch of highly steep angle and narrow trail]

Something like that—distinctive compared to the other paths I’ve taken. From there, we came to a lake—I should ask him about the waters next time—and we had to venture along the bank until we found a boat that I rowed to the far shore. There, I was in a wood similar to the forests of Corunor, but not quite there—I felt we’d see the cottage, and that’d be a good sign we’d arrived. (Mind you, I wonder if I had to climb Elethis to get there.) I fell asleep in that wood.

I awoke later, unable to get back to sleep, but I couldn’t really muster the sense to really go back into trance.

I’ve been trying to reconnect to the Green lately, with fair luck. But I’ve also thought that I may—well, C-L L-C suggests the Divine Twins, but I’ve really been skewing towards C. Well, yes and no. I’m actually trying to juggle the two and to negotiate the difference. No, not difference, which suggests One::Other. I’ve had enough stress dreams as [Crowess] reacting to the [forces of the unconscious Deep Mind etc.]—I had that dream of trying to fit through the mirror into the room beyond, for example—that my subconscious is trying to—I think—assert the habitual ego. Meanwhile, my gods have made sure, with the Guardians, to assert C and that—ego, aspect—I want better terms—because even if the reality of me is M-L L-M, then I want to explore and to embrace that [reality]. […] I want integration, not more hurur.

I want to pull [Elethis] into me.

I also want to think about how I call the Otherworlds into me, how I immerse myself. I also want to enchant this realm. I want to have magic and the Otherworlds here, to make those things happen.

There are paths to Elethis here in this realm.

But how often do people set out to walk them. Setting out on the path puts you on the path. You can’t just wait for the path to find you. Paths don’t normally do that. Paths—you can’t passive your way onto a path. […] that’s the thing about paths—even when I tried to walk out into the Otherworlds when walking to [work], I was still walking to [work], to work in this realm.

A Seeker forges paths to destinations. Doing so means you walk the path to the journey’s conclusion. I would want to devote time and energy to that—but, paths can be subtler than that, of course. If you want practical results to your practical magic, then you have to have practical desires and practical paths envisioned. Let’s start with […] and getting paid/benefits. […] I’ve done plenty of magic lately. So let’s do more.

Let’s also do more metamagic. While working at [work], I often spelled and tasked K to help me better understand different topics or matters. So I send him to help me better integrate, and to learn how to do so—and to do so.


When I relax my mind these days, it seems to spring back to Otherworldly awareness fairly quickly. My mind still easily distracts itself: TV of any kind is bad for that, but—well, I can return to the gaze and kenning and the Otherworlds and magic.

(There’s a thread here…)

It’s probably partly habit and praxis—a good reason to solidify that praxis—but also my will to notice, to see, to be aware. Phones and computers, screens, are still prone to pull me in, to lead me to invest elthil and attention into the EDG, and electronic planes. (As opposed to TV or—something else.)

Phonogram and TW+TD both posit music stardom and music as paths or channels to new and old gods (or the new gods are, in some cases, new faces for old forces). The Underworld stars in TW+TD are the point behind goth music (we’re all going to die, but not yet). Amaterasu is something else, tied to life, I expect. Luci is rebellion and self-possession, I expect. (Ba’al is probably martial and male power.)[1]

[1] Written back around the time TW+TD was starting.

EDIT: Horrible flashing GIF removed!

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