Bridging, Exploration, Divine Twins

Other than […] infuriating things—I’ve been busy with work week bullshit. I would like to have had more time to sit and relax and thing and write here, ponder what I’m doing in the Otherworlds, but [work prep] are a damnable time sync. [sic]

There have been times when I’ve reached out to C, to myself there, and even simple magical formulae like “I bridge” or “I want to bridge”—sometimes this has resulted in curious moments where I feel the thought, the intention, reverberate between us—slightly out of sync but together, as if I reach out and she reaches out, and we have moments of shared, staggered will. But, as I think about it now, I think that these moments are acts to seize upon, to build and magnify to better bridge.

Even walking down the stairs, intent to step into the Otherworlds, has felt significant. I want to try this [at work], as well.

I went into the [Middle Worlds] the other night with K and MW until we found a freeway in the arid scrub, and we followed it until we came to a town. It seemed empty of people, but we explored the museum, though nothing stood out. K thought that after my trance experience the other day that I should venture someplace new.

In an early morning journey, I went in and found myself on the mountainside, in the wood. Although the glade seems a point of interface for us, she wanders that wood often.—

—I wonder if I am some strange dream and trance for her—

I think about the [Divine] Twins in Feri, but I wonder—well, it seems a very literal take on that. But I think of Ellis’s quote [from Martin Shaw, but also more loosely via Ellis] about myth not being the past but a magical present that can intrude into our lives under the right circumstances. We serve as our own myths at that point.

[ôl-vala/FitE][Elethis] [automatic WtaW]

[Corunor] [automatic WtaW]

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