Musings on Trance Work, Practice

I rited some last night, cutting to the chase to med’te and honor the pantheon. I spelled for leaving and breaking out of Hardûun, but I also wound up prepping for trance. Indeed, I think I focused on bridging, on seeing the paths—

—in trance, I easily and quickly found my way to the stream—the flowing waters of TTG in the Dark Wood. The previous barriers don’t seem to appear anymore, along that path, at least, and I dipped in the waters, knowing to brace myself against the bank now. Refreshed, I continued, making my way to the Wood and to the Root, which I climbed before scaling the trunk to the limb leading to the “___.” Admittedly, its’ still more [like] a section of the PNW rainforest, I think, and I wandered towards life/civ[,] but to be frank, I wandered that wood more than anything else.

My dreaming was rich, very focused on the “Russian” countryside, but I felt pleased and happy to be making forays, and I believe I managed to look up at the sky, if briefly. I want to push and pursue this—

I remember looking up at the sky in an old dream, to see something like the Enterprise and a vortex—the same night _____ was supposed to try to visit. The sky is strange and glorious and awesome, the HW gateway to the potentiality of infinity, Night and Chaos and Light, Stars, and Darkness, but there is rich, delirious ôl-vala in the skies.

Otherwise, I exercised and considered how, looking up, the sky was often in my vision, between the clouds and branches, a delirious blue and rainbow coils of light, faentaur and elthil. I’ve seen that before, and in my mind, it’s something like how I imagined Coru provided bridges for the gods in their rites. And I briefly called such a coil down as I worked on my sit-ups—and I realized that in embracing my life, in bridging and more, in my new geas—well, I’d started noticing the paths, (though I’d noted a path in the wall last week, but—), and I love that blue rainbow coil of elthil—

And I feel, sense those paths. I wonder where they lead—how to get at [??] them—

And I have started to revise some of my verbal practices—rather than “embrace my life as,” I “live as.”

[Elethis] and blue rainbow coils of elthil

Art and magic and reality and selfness—

I feel I’ve been mealy-mouthed with my magic—mincing my words and trying to get at things I want to say and do. Part of it has been finding my voice—but also finding my will, my daring, my power and belief. Belief in myself and what I can do with magic and the Otherworlds. To act and think and breathe with ôl-vala.

I hear the song of the trees as the cold approaches. Soon, it will be cold, and I will have a harder time coming out here.

These nights remind me of nights in the ‘90s. The awkward desperate nights of my unspent youth. But now I have these nights, and I think I want to spend them differently.

I stand and I stretch and I greet the wind. I greet the land. I greet the stars and trees. I greet the sky. I greet the waters, however far they may be. I greet the land, sea, sky—

I used to feel so pent up about the wind at night, but I feel like let it flow through you, feel it, embrace and greet it.

Land, sea, sky—the shores of the waters—and the reflections—

My perception of the paths are the first stage of me sensing something new, something coming into focus—like the coiling mosaic that became Elethis many months ago.

Image: More Sky (by me)

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